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We are a team of coaches and trainers with a common goal: to positively impact the lives of others through our passion and expertise


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Our trainers are qualified and highly experienced to deliver excellent mental health training for your business

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Discover how to become your best self through personalised coaching, either in group settings or one-on-one sessions  

Drawing from a strong commercial background and extensive coaching experience, we provide a compassionate yet accountable approach, guiding you towards achieving optimal results and outcomes.


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Dee Walsh of Dewa Consulting came recommended to me by a contact on LinkedIn when I was looking for a webinar talk to be delivered, when I was organising a Wellbeing Week.

She delivered a fantastic talk on Menopause in the Workplace; covering the symptoms of menopause, how it can affect someone physically and mentally and how we can support someone we know going through it.

The presentation covered all areas, very relaxed and informative. I have received exceptional feedback from colleagues that attended, who really enjoyed the session. This is a new topic for my company to discuss and could be seen as rather delicate and Dee delivered it professionally and compassionately – I would definitely recommend her for future events

Menopause Webinar - Jan 2024

Working with Dee was exactly what I needed this summer, it has allowed me to really nail down what I want from my professional (and personal life), how my values fit in with this and the areas I can review and work on to support me with my goal of achieving a fulfilling career doing the things I love, whilst also successfully paying the bills.

I am so grateful for our time together and I know I will be working with her again in the future and it will be a very worthy investment. I have recommended her to all my friends and colleagues.

If you haven’t had a coach before and are wary, please trust when I say you are in safe hands to un-cover exactly what you need to get out of a funk / re-align your path!

Thanks Dee.

Coaching Client - Oct 2023

I really enjoyed the course.  The e-learning was very informative and I really enjoyed the video on the brain, makes much more sense. I can use this information to explain things to the people I support if and when needed.

Deanne was a fantastic trainer, she was always checking we understood and encourages us to ask Q's, especially if we didn't understand. When we were talking about suicide, Deanne checked if we were all ok and if any of us found it difficult we could stay in the room.  I can't thank Deanne enough for this as I have in the past few days had a young person in my care that I had to get the police and ambulance to get the them to A&E as they were in crisis. The topic was very triggering for and I did get upset. Deanne messaged me directly to check on me and offer me support and signposting information that could help. I felt safe and listened to and able to share this with Deanne as she was very caring, understanding and in no way judgmental, really helped me carry on and complete the course.

I've taken away lots of information from this course and the other people on it with their sharing of life experiences and also from their professional experiences. Fantastic course and will encourage others to do it too.

MHFA Youth training - December 2023

Throughout the pandemic, we had to quickly adapt our approach to wellbeing and find ways of creating connections with our workforce in a completely new way.

Our main concern was to be able to continue to take the next steps of our journey in supporting and creating a culture in which our employees felt supported and could seek help in relation to their mental health.

We could not have done this without the knowledge and expertise of Deanne, who worked closely with us to understand our needs and expectations and delivered first-class and engaging webinars about a range of subjects.

The webinars were well received by our employees, and the feedback about the quality of the delivery was excellent.

This 12-month programme offered excellent support to our employees at the time when they needed it most and has helped us to build the foundations of our wellbeing strategy moving forward  

12 month wellbeing programme - 2020-2021

In my first session I was a mess, I was lost, and my confidence was at an all-time low.

I cried. 

Deanne was kind and thoughtful and over the 8 sessions I am a changed person!!

She has taught me so much, she’s opened my eyes to find my true self, my meaning, what’s important to me and my values.

I had no idea at first how important these things were to me, but through the coaching I have made some really big decisions and changes to myself, my outlook and to my professional goals.

She has given me the confidence to “go for it” but also to realise “it was there all along” she just managed to coach me in a way to actually find it again.

I had never considered having a coach before, but now I can’t recommend it enough….in fact most of my friends are now wanting coaching too!

Deanne’s style is relaxed and approachable, empathetic, and kind.

It took 8 sessions to turn my life around, something that in week one I never thought possible.

In week 8 I cried again…..with joy and thankfulness to her for helping me.

I would absolutely recommend Deanne as a coach. If she can help me, she can help anyone.

I will forever be grateful to her.

Coaching Client - July 2023

Dee delivered the course with quiet confidence and technical competence, whilst also bringing a huge dose of empathy to the proceedings.

Some of the topics are hard to work through and she gave us the support we needed to work together as a team. It made me realise how prevalent mental health issues are .. and has provided an understanding of the subject that will enable me to be a better line manager and to know how to better look after my own mental health.

An excellent course, expertly delivered.

MHFA Champion course - September 2022

I wasn't sure what to expect at first from the course, everyone was made to feel very comfortable, our instructor checked throughout the day how we were and set out the rules, the subjects covered were intense in parts however how she went through them made everyone feel comfortable.

I left the course having learnt more about myself, how to deal with people confidently.

I cant recommend it enough it was brilliant

MHFAider training - May 2022

It was great to get refresher training and Dee did a marvelous job delivering the training in a way that was easy to follow.

MHFA Refresher - January 2024

Dee is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and empathetic. She not only trains us but offers mental health support in doing so.

MHFA Refresher - January 2024

Deanne is a great instructor, friendly and easy to speak to. She is very easy to understand and everything is explained really well.

She is always happy to listen to what we would like to discuss as well and to go over anything we are unsure of / would like to refresh since the last session.

I find the course very interesting and am proud to be a mental health first aider for my work place.

MHFA Refresher - January 2024

Brilliant refresher, had a good feel to the learning style and was great to re-visit the areas we have not had to put into practice in one to one sessions since qualifying.

MHFA Refresher - January 2024

Dee was a fabulous instructor. She was kind, compassionate and considerate to all learners, accommodating all individual needs in a discreet manner.

She welcomed feedback, discussions and prior knowledge to be included by all, whilst making difficult topics engaging and provided a safe place for us to discuss openly.

I would be very interested in attending more courses run by Dee. Thank you!

MHFA Youth training - December 2023

Deanne is a fantastic instructor and delivered the sessions in a professional yet empathetic and approachable manner.

She was very aware of that some participants may have been affected by some of the topics covered and made sure there was opportunities throughout to check in with them.

Thank you to Deanne .

MHFA Youth training - December 2023

Dee put together a fantastic tailored workshop for us, focusing on stress and wellbeing.

The workshop itself was interactive, engaging and informative – we found the interactivity so helpful for starting an open dialogue about wellbeing at work and stress management.

Dee herself is a wonderful coach and her intentional, non-judgemental style made the information digestible. She gave us great tools to reframe how we think about stress and wellness in relation to work and most importantly, put it into practice.

I would really recommend her workshops!

Stress Workshop - January 2023

"Deanne Walsh was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for educating us. I am looking forward to putting this into practice by supporting my colleagues and the public the best I can.”

MHFAider training - May 2022

Dee was amazing, I really enjoyed the two day course and look forward to putting the training in action.

MHFAider training - May 2022

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a huge amount of new tools to help me support others with a mental health issue.

I have already had the chance to use some of what I learnt in my personal life when somebody close to me was having a panic attack so I had the confidence to be able to support them and calm them down.

I have not had the chance to support anyone within the professional setting but I will have the confidence to so should the need arise

MHFAider training - March 2022

The training was very interactive and engaging. The multiple breakout room activities and videos were very helpful in understanding and applying the ALGEE model.

The breaks allowed time to rest between sessions and were helpful to keep focussed.

Dee cared about the trainees

Mental Health First Aider training - February 2022

Deanne is a very understanding and caring instructor with a deep wealth of knowledge on the course subject. Any questions raised we dealt with expediently and any challenges fully explained in language people with limited subject knowledge could understand. I

t was a pleasure to attend the course and would thoroughly recommend to my colleagues and Peers 

Mental Health First Aid training - December 2021

I really enjoyed the course. It has introduced me to a subject I knew little about prior to the training.  

Deanne was brilliant! Very knowledgeable and able to bring her own experiences to the table to help us understand the subjects better.

Mental Health First Aid, Oct 2020

I enjoyed every minute of it. Well structured, well presented, interesting. I'm gutted it's finished and I think I will continue to read on my own about mental health issues and how to support people with them.

Mental Health First Aid, Oct 2020

Deanne was very knowledgeable and caring throughout the course. She kept my interest 100% of the time.

I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to gain this accreditation. I feel so much better placed to support anyone I know struggling with their mental health and better equipped to notice the signs. I would also feel that I could now confidently offer support to someone outside of my close network. A very worthwhile course and time well spent attending.

Mental Health First Aid, Oct 2020

This course was really interesting and useful. Splitting it into four sessions made it easier to take information in and complete the online sessions too.

Deanne was once again brilliant. The course wasn't too fast, she taught in a way which kept us engaged and helped us all feel comfortable in speaking and asking questions.

Mental Health First Aid, Sep 2020

So glad I had the opportunity to complete this course.It gives a detailed view of how MH affects people in a variety of different ways.The platform was great, really liked the ability to break out and discuss.Thanks Dee

Mental Health First Aid, Sep 2020

It's all about increasing knowledge and understanding of the subject, which is always a good thing. If everyone had to do this course we would possible be a more sympathetic, understanding society.

Mental Health Awareness, Jul 2020

The time went quickly, it was interesting and informative.

Mental Health Awareness, Jul 2020

Deanne is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced and this came across in the way she explained each of the subject areas and responded to questions. She was easy to listen to and given the session was run over zoom, spoke at a good pace.  Break out rooms were great for encouraging discussion.  The workbook is very professional, I was really pleased and impressed by the quality - both content and look and feel.

Mental Health Awareness, Jul 2020

Whilst it is difficult attending virtual meetings I though overall it was a good course and well delivered by Deanne.

Mental Health Awareness, Jul 2020


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